We’ve now served more than 18,000 meals in the Metroplex through approx. 300 outreaches on the streets. We typically do 3-4 outreaches downtown each month.

In 2018, we hit the streets 49 times locally to serve others. In recent years, we’ve served:

3,017 meals in 2018
3,756 meals in 2017
3,811 meals in 2016
3,773 meals in 2015.

We began laying the groundwork for the Dallas ministry in summer 2011 and incorporated with the state of Texas on May 31, 2012.

Our first outreach was on Aug. 4, 2012, when we served 60 lunches downtown. Our first four sack lunches went to a lady (Kendra) & her three daughters.

SEND SUPPORT: 100% of your gift to Filling The Void Dallas helps the hungry and homeless in this city. We do not deduct any portion for administrative expenses.


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